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2012-10-06 19:16:21 by DjFrenkReturn

This night exit becouse i love u T.T



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2012-10-06 19:57:08

What is love?

DjFrenkReturn responds:

yes the love dont is only sex but is a life, a female life and a male life, is a only life, this is what i think.


2012-10-15 11:37:04

To Zirocket;
not good at these things but love means something like;
sharing everything you have, not just limited to 'sex' and be there for whoever YOU love,
yet give him/her space if he or she needs it and please ASK when something feels wrong.
if you cant feel you have to use your nose to smell.
like cats and dogs.

DjFrenkReturn responds:

i belive than the love is fantastic but................... my love is died, the girls dont want me!


2012-10-27 16:12:25

love is useless