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2012-10-09 03:44:59 by DjFrenkReturn

today exit cryoceanic the song than have an error so for this is ugly! but if she dont have a error is fantastic


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2012-10-09 13:31:09

You make very special but at the same time interesting music. Keep going.

DjFrenkReturn responds:

ok i continue for my fans!


2012-10-11 11:54:11

ah cool! i see u have fans now! u dont need me anymore eh? now im completely useless to you! RIGHT???

(Updated ) DjFrenkReturn responds:

no mi servi su pb!


2012-10-18 15:35:51

pb?what the fuck do u mean with i need u on plazma burst?why do u need me?

DjFrenkReturn responds:

u is my agent remember?


2012-10-27 16:15:57

im not YOURS i dont belong to YOU, I DONT BELONG TO ANYONE!!!!!!!